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The Trusted Team for Water and Flood Damage Restoration in Ann Arbor, MI

Though it’s impossible to know when a flooding disaster will strike, it’s both possible and essential that you know what to do when the threat of danger is over. ServiceMaster Excellence makes that easy by offering the water and flood damage restoration in Ann Arbor, MI, that helps you get your home back fast. The quicker you call us, the better off your building will be, so make sure you don’t delay when the time comes. Living through a disaster may be hard, but with us on your side, the aftermath doesn’t have to be.

There are many pitfalls involved with cleaning up a structure once flood water recedes. That’s why you should always entrust severe flood and high-water damage to an experienced home flooding service provider. We can even help with clean-up once repairs are done. Call ServiceMaster Excellence today to learn more about our water and flood damage services.

Our friendly and fast-acting staff is prepared to handle them all. They have the tools and training to fix up anything quickly. Specifically, our professionals are licensed and insured for:

  • Carpet Removal and cleaning
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Removal