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Brentwood Residential Water Damage Repair Experts

We Use Proven Techniques to Restore Homes Affected by Excess Water

Has water damage hit your home thanks to a flood, leaky roof, burst pipe, or some other unfortunate event? The ability to make sure you get to keep your most prized possessions decreases as time passes and while the possibility that mold will grow in your home increases at the same time. The good news? Help is available from our team of residential water damage restoration team in Brentwood at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean-Up. We are a trained team of experts who are well-versed in water mitigation, including extraction, drying, salvaging, and repairing homes and contents affected by extensive water damage.

You can get in touch with us 24/7, as our team at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean-Up knows better than anyone that water-related disasters just have no respect for business hours. That’s why we answer our phone lines morning, noon, and night to address situations that require water damage cleanup.

What We Can Save in Water Damage Restoration

Rest assured, we will do all we can to restore your home to its pre-loss conditions. Many homeowners are worried about what can and cannot be salvaged in the event of water damage. That’s because some items or documents with need to be parted with simply because of contamination. Some items are easily sanitized, like metal kitchenware, while others are a case-by-case basis, like carpets and rugs. Sometimes it is necessary to replace them if they have been completely waterlogged, especially for a long time, as they can easily harbor contaminants and pathogens. We often have to dismantle walls and address any mold contamination as we replace drywall and insulation.

Places Where Water Likes to Hide

There are many places where homeowners may not realize their water can be lurking and it can be difficult to address every single area. That’s why it’s important to consult professionals for any water damage restoration job. Some of the most common and difficult-to-reach areas water can hide include cabinetry, under appliances, behind drywall, under the flooring, and around the foundation. We will work quickly and efficiently to remove the excess water safely and effectively. You can rely on our certified water damage cleanup team to use proven techniques that have served our parent company well for the 65+ years that ServiceMaster Restore® has been leading the disaster cleanup and restoration industry.