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Odor Removal

ServiceMaster can help with those nasty odors in your home

We understand that odors from fire and smoke damage can greatly disrupt your life. Odor removal from smoke damage requires a variety of professional products, systems and specialty equipment. Usually, multiple treatments are necessary to remove fire and smoke damage.

We offer a range of deodorization processes including:

  • OdorKlenz: Utilizes latest nano technology to remove airborne contaminates to eliminate odors in hours without using chemicals.
  • Fogging: Neutralizes odor by penetrating wherever it has traveled.
  • Ozone: Especially effective on absorbed odors in clothing, drapes and furniture when the residence is not occupied. Caution must be used around pets, plants and other sensitive materials.
  • Hydroxyl generators: Safe alternative that uses a naturally occurring deodorizing vapor, which may be used around people, pets, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textiles, electronics and other sensitive materials.

If you have experienced fire or smoke damage with lingering odors, call ServiceMaster of Central Illinois. We understand the process of odor removal and have the experience to clear the air.

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