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Water Damage Restoration | Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Water Damage Restoration?

Many people prefer to rent their homes because maintenance is included in their rental fees as opposed to homeownership when the entire responsibility falls on the owner to remedy. Because homeownership creates a full responsibility scenario, renters often believe that their landlords or property managers are responsible for anything and everything that happens within the rental home. Unfortunately for renters, there are a few things that landlords are generally not responsible for and that includes certain parts of water damage restoration.

What Will My Landlord Do If My Apartment Floods?

One of the best pieces of advice for any renter is to pay attention to what is in the lease and read it thoroughly before signing. Many landlords require tenants to obtain and maintain renter’s insurance. This type of insurance protects the renter’s private property such as furniture, clothing, and jewelry, or electronics. Most landlords require this insurance because in the event of a disaster such as flooding, the landlord will not be held liable for the water damage restoration of the tenant’s personal possessions.

Most landlords will require that tenants remove all personal belongings from the home when there is severe flood damage. The landlord will take care of water damage restoration such as suctioning out the water, cleaning or replacing carpets or flooring, dehumidifying and drying the room, and any mold remediation that needs to happen. Most will not cover the expenses of your furniture cleaning or replacement or any of your belonging that become damaged—that is what the renter’s insurance is for.

If you plan to live in an area where flood damage is a possibility, you should discuss with your landlord what will happen in the event of a flood or severe water damage. If you are displaced from the home while water damage restoration is underway, who will pay for your hotel room or other lodgings? Make sure you ask questions and get detailed answers written into the lease before signing.

Make sure you are relying on professionals for all your cleanup needs and ask your insurance company to work with ServiceMaster.  For all of your water restoration needs, call ServiceMaster of Charleston at 843-285-6206.