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Every year in Collierville and Germantown, TN, several homes and business facilities fall victim to fire damages. A fire can occur for several reasons such as kitchen mishaps, malfunctioning equipment, improperly disposed matches or cigarettes, natural causes, and several other reasons.

But the Collierville and Germantown. TN, fire damage experts, ServiceMaster of Germantown has some helpful information you can use when you’re facing the aftermath of a fire. Although the size and severity of a fire will always vary, our information below can be applied for every case. In the event of a fire breaking out within your home or business, here’s what you should do:

Notify Your Insurance Carrier
As soon as the fire has been extinguished, you should immediately contact your insurance carrier about the situation. You’ll want to begin the claims process as soon as possible, while at the same time your insurance provider may be able to help you prepare for the upcoming steps that you will need to take in order to start the restoration process for your property, as well as other actions you should take.

Note All Damages
To help with the claims process with your insurance carrier, you need to gather evidence of all the items have been damaged or lost. Make a list of all damaged items, find receipts, take photos, or even video. The more evidence you have to support your claims, you’ll be making the claims process go by much quicker and smoother.

Aerating the Property
One of the very first steps in the restoration process for any case involving fire damage is to ventilate the property. By ventilating the property, you will be reducing the amount of smoke, dust, and odors that reside inside. To aerate your property, you can open all of your doors and windows to allow the air to circulate; you can also use fans to help hasten the process.

Don’t Leave Items Behind
When your property is deemed safe for re-entry, do not simply allow partially or undamaged items left behind in the affected area. You want to try and remove as many salvageable items as possible from the damaged area. As residual smoke residue and soot can cause additional damages when they come into contact with objects. So move items to another room, to the outdoors, into a garage, or anywhere else. When the disaster restoration experts arrive, this will free them of having to search for items and allow them to begin cleaning and restoring your belongings as soon as possible.

If you ever sustain damages in Collierville or Germantown, TN, you can always rely on ServiceMaster of Germantown for all of your fire damage restoration needs. As we’re the experts you can trust, as we want nothing else than to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to restore your life back to normal. For additional information about our services, please feel free to contact us today.