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Germantown residents may experience water damage or flooding at some point. When the citizens of Germantown are victim to natural disasters and water and mold damage, they don’t always know what to do — but the disaster restoration professionals in Germantown who provide carpet cleaning do. Here’s what we have to say on the matter:

Clean-Water Contamination
A carpet that’s been contaminated with clean water, such as rainwater, melted snow, or water from the plumbing leading up to your sinks or toilet, can be cleaned. Begin by moving the carpet to a dry place, whether it’s your attic or a storage unit with a powerful dehumidifier. With any flooded carpeting, your first priority is to dry the carpet to prevent the buildup of mildew.

Once your carpet is dry, you can clean it exactly like you would clean any other carpet. Steam cleaning is generally accepted as the best practice of doing so. If it retains a musty smell even after a thorough steam cleaning, lay it flat. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface, and use a non-sponge mop to work the baking soda into every square inch of the carpet. Leave the carpet overnight, and in the morning, vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

Grey- or Black-water Contamination
Wall-to-wall carpeting that’s been flooded with grey or black water is almost never worth actually cleaning. The health risks and expense are noticeably worse than simply replacing and installing brand new carpeting. Save the grey and black water carpet cleaning for unique, valuable, and sentimentally meaningful carpets, and don’t attempt it clean them yourself, allow one of Germantown’s carpet cleaning professionals to take care of it.

Our team here at ServiceMaster of Germantown is able to professionally clean your carpets and have them looking like new again.