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Experiencing water damage within any property is always a stressful and challenging situation. But when your Germantown, TN, home or business sustains water damages, it’s imperative that you take action immediately in order to minimize damages and prevent total losses of valuables. Fortunately the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs have provided helpful information you can use whenever you are dealing with water or flood damages and are waiting for the experts to arrive.

1) Shut Off the Source of Water
The most important thing that you can do in the event of water damage or flood damage is to stop the water from entering your property. Shut down the water mains or redirect the water if it is flowing into your property from an outdoor source. By eliminating the water from entering your property, you reduce the overall amount of water that can enter your property, limiting the total amount of damages that you can sustain.

2) Move Your Items
In the event of water damage or a flood, you need to move all of your items from the water-damaged or flooded area. You want to relocate your belongings to a safe and dry location to any unnecessary damages. Place your items outside, into a garage, or into another room on a different floor level.

3) Drain the Water
Look for ways to remove water from your property. If possible lead the water to the outside or to a specific floor drain. Otherwise use a mop or any other means to try and remove as much water as possible. The more water you are able to remove the faster the restoration process can take place and the less damages you’ll sustain.

If your home or business sustains water damages, trust ServiceMaster of Germantown. We’re the disaster restoration experts that will repair and restore your property back to normal. For more information about our water damage remediation services, contact the ServiceMaster of Germantown office today.