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Fire Damage Protection for Your Home

Our Collierville fire disaster restoration service professionals have taken the time to compile important tips on how to prepare for fire emergencies. We offer the following services should you need cleaning and disaster restoration help:

Fire Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration and Removal

Mold Damage Removal and Remediation

Trauma, Biohazard and Sewage Clean-Up

We have seen some heartbreaking fire damage throughout Collierville and Germantown. As we talk with many fire disaster restoration survivors, we are continually thinking about ways people can improve their chances of protecting their home from fire damage.

Keep the following fire safety equipment on hand to help protect your home:

  • Fire & smoke detectors
  • Fire extinguishers that are easily accessible
  • Fire-proof safe for valuables and other important items
  • Replacement batteries for fire & smoke detectors
  • Fire escape ladders if you don’t live on the ground floor

Next, Develop a Fire Evacuation Plan.
Talk through the best plan of escape to get outside of your home should a fire strike. Be sure to quickly test any door handle before grabbing hold tightly to make sure you don’t get burned. Stay low to minimize smoke inhalation. Make sure everybody understands and practices the fire escape plan to see what obstacles you might encounter and to make sure you get familiar with actually putting your plan into action – practice makes perfect!

Disaster restoration is costly and devastating so please make sure you keep fire safety equipment on hand, test your smoke detectors monthly, and practice a fire evacuation plan. Many people forget about these basic practices that can protect their home against serious fire damage.