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Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to fire up your grill, book a campsite and spend time outdoors. However, don’t forget to brush up on your outdoor fire safety before starting these activities. ServiceMaster of Germantown has compiled the following tips to help you avoid a fire disaster this summer.

Before you Start

  1. Clean your grill
  • Soak the grates, burners and shields in soapy water and scrubbing clean to remove stuck-on food and grease. Wipe down the exterior of your grill.
  • If stubborn debris won’t budge, try turning your grill on high and close the top for 15 minutes. This should clean your grill completely so you can start cooking your favorite foods in no time.
  1. Check for leaks on gas grills
  • Look for dents, punctures or rust on your grill.
  • Perform a test to see if you have a gas leak by:
      • Mixing together equal parts dish soap and water.
      • Brush the solution onto your gas tank and line.
      • Turn the gas on slowly. If bubbles form, you have a leak.
      • Don’t use your grill until it’s repaired.

Grease Fires

It’s important to know how to extinguish a grease fire because you can’t treat them the same as other fires.

  • Don’t put water on a grease fire. It only makes it worse.
  • Keep sand or baking soda within reach of your grill to throw on flames.
  • Turn off the heat source and put the lid on to smother the flames.
  • When in doubt, evacuate and call 911 immediately.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills need different care than gas grills. Follow these precautions while using your charcoal grill to avoid an exterior fire,

  • Keep lighter fluid in a cool place away from your grill.
  • Only use lighter fluid on unlit coals.
  • Let ashes cool completely before disposing of them. Once cooled, store in a non-flammable container away from your home.


A camping trip isn’t complete without roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Use these tips to help keep you and your fellow campers safe.

  • Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the fire.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Keep a shovel or water next to you while you enjoy your campfire. You can use the shovel to throw dirt over flames that get out of hand.
  • Make sure your campfire is fully extinguished before going to sleep.
  • Always check with local authorities before burning to ensure weather conditions are ok for a campfire.

ServiceMaster of Germantown is your local fire and water damage, restoration expert. We hope these tips help you avoid summer fire damage. If you do experience fire damage, contact us at 901-854-6225. Rely on our team of experts to walk you through the entire process, even communicating directly with your insurance provider. We’re available 24/7 for emergency restoration services. Our team also provides extreme cleaning, floor care and more. The sooner you call, the more damage we can prevent.

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