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Take Action Now
If you have water damage from flooding, a burst pipe, backed up sewer line, or overflowed sink, it is vital that you take action immediately to minimize the damages. Water can lead to mold growth, rotting wood, rusted metal, peeling paint, and extensive discoloration and warping of building materials.

Look Out For Leaks

Keep an eye out for damage to the pipes under the sink or the water lines leading to the washing machine. Pay attention to any dampness of the wood or cabinetry under the sink, as well as moisture gathered on the pipe itself. The water lines for the washing machine or dishwasher are also at risk of becoming cracked or otherwise damaged. Monitor these water lines so you can be proactive in responding to any damage to the pipes. If you discover a leak after water damage has already occurred, take action immediately. Call the Memphis water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Germantown.

Call in the Experts

If the water is contaminated, professional assistance is a necessity. The experts know the best methods for sanitizing affected spaces.