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Posts from 2020

  • Removing Basement Odors After Flooding | ServiceMaster of North Texas A home’s basement can have a musty, damp odor. Unpleasant basement smells may occur in the aftermath of a flood or even before a flood. Most homeowners prefer to maintain a clean-smelling basement. Removing basement odors after a flood is possible with a few handy tips. Why ... Continue Reading
  • Sewage Coming out of Pipe in Yard | Know What to Do Some homeowners in the Dallas, TX area may not be aware of the ‘clean out’ sewage or septic connection pipe on their property. This pipe, often white in color, provides access to your main sewer line. If these pipes ever suffer blockage or clogging, you can have a sewage ... Continue Reading
  • How to Handle a Flooded Kitchen A flood in the kitchen can be one of the most stressful experiences as a homeowner. You may have to deal with insurance, broken appliances, and long-lasting problems from water damage such as mold. Not only that, but you obviously can’t cook with a flooded kitchen or clean ... Continue Reading