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  • We Have a Proven Process When Dealing With Water Damage Commercial and Residential Water Drying and Dehumidification Services Water removal services on their own are usually not enough to remove all the moisture from your home or business facility after a water damage event. Water can hide behind walls, under flooring, or in your ... Continue Reading
  • How To Recognize Signs of Water Damage to Your Basement Look for these top-5 signs of water damage in your basement. If left undetected, basement leaks can cause serious and even irreversible damage to your property. While the first signs of trouble are often extremely subtle, checking for these indicators regularly can save you ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Most Dangerous Household Appliances Everyone knows you need to be careful around a hot stove, but did you know that there are several other home appliances that cause thousands of house fires every year? The September issue of Consumer Reports magazine has a list of the 6 most dangerous ones: Ranges: Burners ... Continue Reading
  • Emergency water shutoff valve – Where is it? Knowing where your emergency water shut off is can save you thousands in damage. Take a few minutes and locate the shut off and make sure that it works. Your home may need a “water Key” if you are in city water. After many years theses keys can get lost, broken or simply not ... Continue Reading