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Mold Removal Services in Bemidji

Professional & Dependable Mold Damage Restoration

Mold is one of the most dangerous contaminants you can find in your home. Mold can grow anywhere indoors on wet surfaces or in damp areas, including ceilings, wallpaper, wood, drywall, and insulation material.

The growth of mold is so serious that it requires a professional team to provide removal services to ensure spores don’t release into the air and cause breathing problems for you and your family.

Our team at ServiceMaster Professional Services can restore your home when you’ve experienced mold damage with the help of our mold damage restoration services. Additionally, our mold removal services in Bemidji are designed to protect your and your family’s health.

When is Mold Remediation Required?

Not all mold is equal. Some types of molds can be adequately removed with bleach and a good scrubbing, however some types of molds require a mold remediation process in order for your home to truly be mold free and remain so. Some of the most noticeable signs the mold in your home requires a remediation process are:

  • The smell of the mold
  • The color of the mold
  • How the mold grew
  • Allergic reactions to the mold

If you can smell the mold in your home, it’s a good sign that there is enough of it to pose a significant health hazard. Mold usually has a musty or mildewy smell. The color of the mold can also be an indicator of the type of mold and how long it’s been growing. Additionally, the surface you find mold on as well as the surrounding area can play apart in whether or not mold remediation may be necessary.

Mold can move unseen through spores in the air, meaning if there is another surface nearby that would make a good host to grow on, the mold may have already spread around your home whether or not you have seen it yet. Last, some people can be allergic to mold. An affliction which can affect their sinuses, skin and even breathing.

If the mold in your home is causing a member of the house to suffer an allergic reaction the best thing to do is to ensure the mold is completely removed from the home. Do you have question? Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today to learn more about mold remediation and how we can help you.

To learn more about our mold removal and restoration services, call (218) 396-2439 today.

4 Signs That You Need Mold Remediation Due to a Mold Infestation

Mold can begin growing on wet surfaces and in damp areas of your homewithin 48 hours if left unchecked. This can result in poor air quality, decreased quality of life, and put the structure of your home at risk.

It’s essential to call our professional mold removal company at the first sign of a problem to avoid severe damage to your home and health.

Some potential signs that you may have a mold issue include:

  1. Dark spots on your floors, walls, or ceilings
  2. Musty odors of mildew
  3. Respiratory and allergy issues
  4. High humidity levels resulting in condensation on glass or metal surfaces

These potential signs of mold in your home need to be addressed by a professional immediately.

If left unaddressed, a mold infestation can lead to:

  • Structural damage to foundations
  • Significant damage to HVAC systems, drywall, roofing, gutters, furnishings, and other areas
  • Health problems that include headaches, skin irritation, and more

Our mold specialists in Bemidji uses advanced tools and best practices to detect any mold present in your home to remove it effectively.

We use air scrubbing technology for mold restoration. With our team on your side, mold doesn’t stand a chance in your home or anywhere else that could pose a threat to you and your loved ones.

Dealing with mold infestation on your property? Call us at (218) 396-2439 or contact our mold removal experts online for help today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

What Are Common Causes of Mold Growth?

You may not realize it, but mold has the potential to grow anywhere and on anything. If the conditions are right (damp or wet surfaces), mold can thrive and spread fast. To prevent mold growth, you can avoid some of the most common causes that we’ve outlined below.

  • Moisture Exposure

Moisture is one of the leading causes of mold growth and not just moisture on hard surfaces. Moisture in the air can play a significant role in causing mold to grow. Additionally, if you notice leaks, condensation on pipes, or damp items in attics or basements, you’ve got some of the best (or worst) conditions for mold to set up shop.

  • Spoiled Food Sources

Let’s be honest; many people can go weeks or even months without checking the expiration dates on food. Even if your refrigerator is still in working order and providing optimal temperatures for fresh storage, mold has other plans.

  • Increased Oxygen Levels

Like most living organisms, mold needs air to live, grow, and reproduce. The absence of oxygen causes the interruption of its organic processes, making it impossible for mold to divide its cells and produce spores it depends on to spread to other surfaces.

What Kills Black Mold on Wood?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if the moldy area is less than 10 square feet (about 3 feet by 3 feet), you can remove black mold on wood using distilled white vinegar, dishwashing detergent, or household cleaners mixed with water. But if the mold growth is larger than 10 square feet or the infestation is caused by toxic black mold, you need to get professional mold remediation.

Stachybotrys chartarum or toxic black mold is hazardous when ingested or inhaled. This type of mold is generally found in attics due to leaks or consistent moisture for a minimum of 3 days. Because wood is porous, this makes it easy for moisture to get trapped and promote mold growth.

How Do You Prevent Mold Growth?

Our team can offer professional mold remediation to help remedy the infestation inside your home. However, you can do a few simple things to avoid mold altogether or reduce its growth.

As it pertains to the common causes we discussed earlier, you can prevent mold growth by:

  • Controlling elements: The trick to avoiding moisture is to control other aspects, such as moving items out of damp spaces or adjusting temperatures to create a dryer environment.
  • Checking labels frequently: Some of the only remedies for mold growing on food sources are consuming the food before it expires and labeling your food to ensure you know its age.
  • Sealing boxes and containers: One way to decrease oxygen levels to prevent mold from growing is to ensure boxes and other containers are adequately sealed.

For more information about our mold remediation services in Bemidji, call us at (218) 396-2439 or contact us online.