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Fire Damage Restoration Services in Bemidji

Providing Home Fire Damage Repairs to Help You Rebuild After a Devastating Incident

According to the National Fire Protection Association, American firefighters respond to a fire every 24 seconds. That number is staggering when you think about the amount of residential and commercial properties in the U.S.

Fires are completely devastating and can ravage your livelihood without warning, leaving you wondering where to turn. Fortunately, ServiceMaster Professional Services is here to support the recovery process, offering cost-saving and thorough fire damage restoration services in Bemidji. Our team of highly qualified and trained professionals is ready to serve with compassion.

We understand you’ve been through so much and may have a lot of questions along the way. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guide you from beginning to end.

For more information, call our team at(218) 396-2439 orcontact us online and ask about our affordable and efficient fire restoration services.

Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Our fire damage restoration services are designed to get business and homeowners peace of mind that their properties are not beyond repair.

With our residential restoration services, we aim to:

  • Provide respectful and knowledgeable specialists who are committed to helping you recover after a destructive fire
  • Deliver a customer-focused experience while we handle various types of fires including, complex fires, protein fires, natural fires, fires due to furnace malfunctions
  • Thoroughly assess the damage from ceiling to floor and come up with a detailed plan to remove soot, dirt, ash, and smoke odors
  • Ensure your safety and evaluate framing and foundational components
  • Clean and seal surfaces to eliminate permeating odors to restore the space to its pre-loss condition

Reach out online or call(218) 396-2439 for fire & smoke damage restoration services near you. We’re available 24/7!

Common Causes Of Residential Fires

Residential fires can be extremely damaging and traumatic to the home and its inhabitants, often resulting in a fire damage restoration process. Common factors that cause residential fires include:

  • candles
  • smoking
  • electrical hazards such as faulty wiring
  • cooking
  • heating appliances.

Taking all of these factors into careful consideration will help you identify potential fire risks and take measures to ensure the safety of your property.

However, fire damage restoration services should be sought out if a fire occurs in your home, so that the property may be restored promptly. Taking fire safety seriously is essential for property owners to protect both people and belongings from fire’s destructive power.

Reliable Fire Restoration Company in Bemidji

Our comprehensive residential fire damage restoration experts use state-of-the-art and industrial-grade equipment to tackle the destruction. In addition, we are on-site within a couple of hours, making sure we have a proactive plan to get you back on your feet.

Not only can we assist you with recovery, but we can also guide you through the insurance process. We know that dealing with an insurance provider can be confusing, which is why we work directly with them to make the process as convenient and stress-free as possible.

When you need a trustworthy restoration company in Bemidji, you can always rely on ServiceMaster Professional Services.

Call(218) 396-2439 day or night with your questions, orcontact us online to get detailed information about our fire cleaning services.