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What disinfectant kill Coronavirus?

Several disinfectants that you might recognize are effective at eliminating Coronavirus at your home, office, or business. Here is a list distilled from an eleven-page document provided by the EPA on various disinfectants and their use.

Common Names listed below are one type of product that uses this disinfectant. Dwell time is the amount of time the product needs to stay in contact with the surface before it is wiped off to provide a proper cleaning.

Quaternary Ammonium

Common Names:

  • PDI Super Sani Cloth
  • Mr. Clean Multipurpose, Antibacterial, Summer Citrus
  • Lysol Professional All-Purpose Cleaner, Citrus
  • Spic and Span Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray

Dwell Time: 2 – 10 minutes depending on the product
Concerns for use: Lung Irritant, must be completely removed from surfaces after dwell time is complete or residue, skin irritant

Hydrogen Peroxide

Common Name:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide in various forms

Dwell Time: 10 minutes
Concerns for use: skin irritation, provide proper ventilation


Common Name:

  • Rubbing Alcohol

Dwell Time: 30 seconds – 2 Minutes
Concerns for use: skin irritation, provide proper ventilation

Sodium Hypochorite

Common Name:

  • Bleach in various forms

Dwell Time: 5 minutes
Concerns for use: fumes, skin irritation


Common Name:

  • Lysol Disinfectant

Dwell Time:10 minutes
Concerns for use: Provide proper ventilation, avoid direct contact with the body

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Information sourced from EPA and CDC websites. Compiled by Fred McGuire of ServiceMaster Professional Services We provide virus cleanup services.

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