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Mold and Allergies

For mold, the process of removal isn’t as easy as spraying the walls of a home. So how does mold develop? The most common reason for mold in your home is ongoing moisture.

When there is mold growth in your home, it can cause all kinds of health issues – from minor allergic reactions to serious illnesses. Generally, there are 3 types of mold growth that can grow in moist areas of your home. They are:


Allergens are the mildest type of mold growth. But because their effects are not as severe, they can live undetected in your home for years. Allergens derive their name mostly because they tend to cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, eye or nose irritation, and rashes.


Pathogens are more serious than allergens and can cause severe respiratory problems in certain people. Those who are healthy may not be affected, but young children, the elderly, and those with poor health can develop a serious illness as a result of being exposed to this type of mold growth for a an extended period of time.

Toxigenic Mold

As the name indicates, toxigenic mold is “toxic” and can have adverse effects on the health of any individuals who are exposed. Also known as “black mold”, toxigenic mold is poisonous and its presence in your Orlando home should be addressed immediately.

Without testing, it is hard to determine exactly which type of mold growth you have in your home – or if you have any at all. But if you or members of your family are displaying some of the symptoms described above, it is best to call in an Orlando mold remediation company like ServiceMaster Restoration Services to inspect your home. Once mold is discovered, they can determine the seriousness of the mold growth and the measures needed to turn your property back into a healthy environment. ServiceMaster Restoration Services will make it our primary mission to make your property mold-free so you can live in a healthy home.