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Reducing Residual Damages from Smoke in Columbus, GA

In Columbus, GA, any property can fall to fire and smoke damages, all that is need is one simple kitchen mishap, a knocked over candle, or an overheated piece of equipment. Luckily the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services can share advice and tips on how you can reduce additional damages from smoke after sustaining fire damages in Columbus, GA while waiting for the restoration experts to arrive.

After contacting the fire restoration experts in Columbus GA, you will more than likely have some time in between to accomplish a few tasks. Once your property is deemed safe for reentry, here are a few tasks you can complete when waiting for the experts to arrive.

  • Ventilate your property by opening all the doors and windows.
  • Gently brush off soot buildup on surface tops and tables.
  • Gently blow soot buildup off of furnishings and upholstered materials.
  • Cover your floors with tarps or linens to avoid additional soiling while walking within your property.
  • Hove the hose of a vacuum over soot covered materials and allow the suction force pick up any loose pieces.
  • Place damp cloths over vent registers to capture any soot stuck in your HVAC systems.

When you find yourself dealing with smoke damage after fire damages in Columbus, GA call the restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services to provide full restoration and reconstruction service for your home or commercial setting. We have the power to restore properties back to their rightful conditions in a timely and efficient manner.