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Repairing Roof Damage

Hurricanes can produce a significant amount of wind, rain and debris that can damage a homeowners’ roof. The property damage can be as minimal as a few broken shingles or as severe as total destruction of the home. With the 2014 hurricane season underway, the potential for roof damage is significant in storm-prone locations. Even areas not affected by hurricanes may experience roof damage, as extreme summer temperatures can harm structural coverings.

Noticeable damage such as water spots, wet insulation, and cracking paint are easy-to-identify signs of roof damage and warrant immediate professional help to prevent further loss. However, damage caused by extreme temperatures is insidious in nature and may not be as easy to identify. If ignored or not quickly recognized and remedied, the potential damage could be costly.

If your policyholders experience roof damage, ServiceMaster Restore® is ready to respond. Upon arrival, we will inspect the location to determine structural integrity. Even minor damage may lead to a partial or complete roof cave-in. We will then tarp the roof to protect the structure’s interior from elements such as rain, wind, sun and animals. Our comprehensive services, thorough action plan and rapid response will minimize any further damage and get your policyholders’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible.