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The Allure of the Fixer Upper

While some homebuyers like to build a new house from the ground up, some slightly more adventurous homebuyers don’t want to start from scratch. Sometimes there’s more appeal in restoring something that has old-style décor, or might have been neglected and is in need of work. The remodeling professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration Services promise to make any fixer upper job an easier one.

Why, you ask, would someone ever want to spend money on a property in any state of destruction?

The first reason is one of personal aesthetic and esteem. They wanted a house that they could see themselves turning into their “home”. It’s common among young American families asthey look to hatch their own “American Dream Home”. They dream of a house with red velvet drapes and arches, perhaps a breakfast nook and nursery for their baby, and they want to make it their own.

But there are other, more financially driven reasons to embark on such a project. Have you ever heard of a “distressed property”? Or perhaps a “handyman special”?

These are the industry terms for the “fixer-upper”, and they seem to be a lucrative market for many home brokers. A simple search in Google will bring back hundreds of pages of where to find handyman specials. The appeal: price and the self-satisfaction of working a house back into shape yourself.

According to, handyman specials can be purchased for typically 30%-50% below the market value. These homes need maintenance to make them attractive to other potential buyers and to make them livable once again. But once the work is done, you’ve just gotten yourself either a house you can be proud to call home, or a great investment that will hopefully yield a hefty pay-off.

Given that foreclosure homes are overloading the market don’t be surprised to see a bounty of these homes available when you look for a property. And whether you embark on this endeavor for the sake of saving money and making the house your own or with the intent of selling the home back for more, it is always fun.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services can assist in turning that old broken-down home into one that is perfect and charming for you. Let the remodeling experts at ServiceMaster Solutions make your home renovation dreams come true. Call us today!