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Louisiana Floods: ServiceMaster Responds

Flood Damage
Author: ServiceMaster Restore

In August 2016, the world was reminded of Mother Nature's mighty force when Louisiana was hit by torrential rains that led to massive flooding, displacement and property damage across the state. While meteorologists predicted heavy precipitation and substantial storms, no one was prepared for the amount of devastation the Louisiana floods wreaked across the southern region of the state.

The Aftermath

Massive evacuations and courageous water rescues saved thousands of lives from rising water levels, but hundreds of homes and businesses and countless belongings were destroyed. Thirteen people were killed. Aerial footage of Baton Rouge showed streets flowing with muddy water, small boats and canoes maneuvering past the tree tops and rooftops peeking out. Many of the region's residents returned to find their homes, businesses and belongings submerged in standing water. Flood damage of this magnitude requires immediate water mitigation to reduce the risk of mold or structural failure. On August 14, 2016, President Obama declared the Louisiana floods a major disaster. Federal aid combined with support from disaster relief organizations and generous volunteers made it possible to begin the recovery. Sustained restoration efforts continued in the days, weeks and months following the Louisiana flooding, and ServiceMaster Restore is proud to have contributed to help rebuild this treasured region of our nation.

The Cleanup

ServiceMaster's main office and franchise owners joined forces with others from around the country to help rebuild homes and businesses impacted by the Louisiana floods. Our professional restoration teams, including local franchises dealing with their own flood damage, assisted in the cleanup of schools, commercial buildings and residential properties in Baton Rouge and other highly affected areas. The cleanup was a smooth, concerted and integrated effort between our water mitigation professionals and franchisee owners from across the nation. ServiceMaster's experience restoring parts of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the Pentagon after 9/11 prepared our teams to assess the damage and come up with an effective restoration plan. With our industrial equipment, proven processes and commitment to quality work, we were able to act quickly and effectively to remove standing water, dry and treat affected areas, and restore a sense of safety and normalcy to the people and businesses we served.

If you ever have to deal with the devastating effects of a flooding disaster, you don't have to do it alone. The water mitigation professionals at ServiceMaster Restore have the right tools, people and processes to help. Our water removal teams are available 24/7/365 so you can get the support you need in the moments when it matters most.