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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Nashville

Professional Fire & Smoke Clean Up & Repair Services

Losing your home to a fire can be devastating and emotionally scarring. And with so much fire, smoke, odor, and even water damage to clean up: where do you begin? No matter how much damage your home has taken, getting life back to normal with the help of ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration by GM can be a bit easier than trying to handle it on your own.

Our restoration service technicians are more than trained professionals – they’re caring experts that are dedicated to getting your property damage restored right away. Disasters don’t wait until it’s convenient, so our team is available 24/7, every day of the year, to start the fire and smoke damage restoration process.

Looking for fire and smoke damage restoration in Nashville? Turn to our expert team!Contact us online or call(615) 640-3495.

A fire damaged home before fire and smoke damage restoration from ServiceMaster

How to Repair Your Home After a Fire

Even if the fire was confined to a single room and seems small-scale, you’ll want to have the necessary fire and smoke damage restoration started right away by a professional company as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent risking the health, safety, and security of your home.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

While flames will cause physical damage, the heat that comes off house fires can cause paint to peel, flooring to warp, and other parts of your home to take loads of damage. With the help of our trusted processes and state-of-the-art tools, we’ll ensure your property’s damaged areas are restored to their pre-loss conditions and feel comfortable for you and your family.

Our Nashville’s fire damage restoration specialists follow a trusted process that includes:

  • A full assessment of your property’s damage with identification of what caused the fire
  • Complete removal of any water or moisture left behind from firefighting efforts
  • Packing out contents of your home to be disposed of or cleaned and restored
  • Comprehensive restoration services, including structural repairs, sanitation, and more

Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Smoke, ash, and soot will not only damage the room the fire is in, but it’ll easily billow and spread to other rooms in your home, attaching to upholstery, carpeting, drywall, and more. Without the help of our commercial-grade cleaning and deodorization tools and trusted systems, homeowners have a hard time removing the smell of fire.

With help from our smoke damage restoration specialists, you can expect:

  • A full assessment of your walls, flooring, carpets, upholstery, and more
  • All soot, ash, or smoke trapped in your property to be removed, including in your HVAC system
  • Comprehensive cleaning and sanitation of your home’s indoor air and surfaces
  • Deodorization services to remove smoke odor from personal belongs and other content

Protect Belongings Susceptible to Soot

When it comes to fire damage and the resulting corrosive soot, timing is everything. Damages from a fire continue to accrue even after it has been put out and will continue to do so until you ask for professional help. Many furniture items and flooring materials are synthetic and when burned, generate complex chemical reactions. Over time, these household items go from salvageable to irreversibly damaged.

Certain at-risk items are more sensitive to soot damage than others. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM can effectively clean these types of items susceptible to corrosion and save your belongings:

  • Brass, aluminum and chrome
  • Marble, tile and porcelain
  • Carpets and upholstery

Calling quickly and beginning the restoration process as soon as possible will help mitigate additional expenses and allow you to reclaim your property to its fullest possible recovery.

a living area nearing the end of fire damage restoration in Nashville

Why Nashville Homeowners Continue to Turn to ServiceMaster

There are dozens of restoration companies in Nashville and the nearby areas, but there’s only one ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration by GM. We’re known for delivering damage restoration services that’ll take the stress of repairing fire and smoke damage of any kind.

Homeowners across Nashville continue to turn to our team because we’re:

  • Backed by 65+ combined years of local and national experience
  • Dedicated to getting the job done right – the first time
  • Here for your home and family 24/7 to help in times of need
  • Known for delivering comprehensive services, covering all types of damage

Regardless of the size of fire that has damaged your property or the reason for it in the first place, get the proper guidance, reassurance, and services you need by reaching out today!

Dial(615) 640-3495 orcontact us online to get started on your Nashville fire and smoke damage restoration services today

A bathtub before and after fire damage restoration in Nashville, Tennessee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to restore my property?

Fire and smoke restoration entails many variables and services, so it is difficult to predict how long it will take. Your ServiceMaster Restore restoration technician can provide a detailed timeline and phase breakdown of your restoration project.

Our fire and smoke restoration process is made up offive steps:

  1. Emergency pre-cleaning
  2. Content cleaning
  3. Content pack out
  4. Wall and ceiling cleaning
  5. Deodorization

Remember, corrosive byproducts have the ability to cause irreversible etching on your belongings in as few as 72 hours. It is always best to call a professional when it comes to damages caused by fire since incorrect cleaning can compound the soot residue and actually make the situation worse. At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM, we have the training, the expertise and the latest equipment to properly restore any fire damage job – big or small. Call today for excellent service and a superior restoration job done right.

Is this covered by my insurance?

In most cases, ServiceMaster collects only your insurance deductible amount before work starts, and bills the balance to your insurance company as a service. Before any non-insured work can begin, a payment schedule must be agreed upon if your project is not covered by insurance or you choose not to file a claim.

Why should I hire professional fire damage restoration services?

In order to efficiently handle the complex restoration process, professional fire damage restoration services are necessary. Our professionals have the right expertise, experience, and equipment. Our commitment to safety, adherence to industry guidelines, and diligent efforts to mitigate further damage ensure the thorough restoration of your property.