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Flood Damage

  • How To Prepare for & Respond to Natural Flooding The Many Kinds of Nature-Based Flooding Two primary types of flooding threaten properties: nature-based flooding and plumbing-based flooding. Today, ServiceMaster of Colorado Springs will discuss scenarios of nature-based flooding. We will also offer safety tips on how to ... Continue Reading
  • How To Proactively Prevent Residential Flooding The Difference Between Natural & Infrastructural Flooding Residential flooding can be caused by natural and unnatural causes. Natural flooding scenarios include hurricanes, downpours with poor water runoff, snowmelt, ice dams, or flash floods. In such situations, water ... Continue Reading
  • The Many Causes & Consequences of Flooding The Continual Intensification of Flooding Events Floods are one of the most common natural disasters – costing billions of dollars in damages every year . The frequency and severity of flooding are accelerating with climate change. As noted by the UNEP, floods have become ... Continue Reading