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Posts from 2018

  • 4 Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Tips There is a large portion of homeowners who are trying to be more conscientious in terms of eliminating toxic chemicals in their home. Whether it be the paint they choose on their walls or any other material in their house, homeowners are moving towards healthier, safer ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Signs it’s Time for a Thorough Couch Cleaning When it comes to cleaning your home, one of the most neglected items in your house are your couches. While some people maybe will clean their couches once or twice a year, sprucing up your furniture should actually be more of monthly activity, or it can even be done every ... Continue Reading
  • How to Remove Odors from Carpet If you have carpet in your home or apartment and haven’t had to deal with it stinking up your home – consider yourself lucky. For those of us that have had to battle nasty carpet odors, we can agree that learning how to fight against the smell right away can prevent a lot of ... Continue Reading
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