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Posts from 2017

  • How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned? While there are many questions going around about whether or not it is necessary to have air ducts cleaned, the answer is no, but they should be cleaned. Many property owners who have hired an air duct cleaning service, like ServiceMaster of North Texas, have been happy with ... Continue Reading
  • How to Fix a Leaking Water Heater Hot water runs through homes via a water heater, supplying misty, hot streams through your shower head, a sanitizing mix of hot and warm during dishwasher cycles, and temperate water into your kitchen sink. Hot water is invaluable. You control the temperature of heated water ... Continue Reading
  • Office Cleaning Tips If you could see all of the living bacteria crawling over your work space, you’d be horrified. If you also eat at your desk because you are too busy to leave for lunch, you may want to reconsider. Due to the working space being public and numerous items coming and going to ... Continue Reading
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