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Odor Removal

  • The Carpet Flood Water Extraction Process Walking into a home that has undergone sudden flooding is an unpleasant surprise. Even more worrisome is when the brand-new custom carpet is submerged in several inches of water. Under certain conditions, the water extraction process can potentially save the carpet. What ... Continue Reading
  • Removing Basement Odors After Flooding | ServiceMaster of North Texas A home’s basement can have a musty, damp odor. Unpleasant basement smells may occur in the aftermath of a flood or even before a flood. Most homeowners prefer to maintain a clean-smelling basement. Removing basement odors after a flood is possible with a few handy tips. Why ... Continue Reading
  • How to Remove Smoke Odor The lingering smells of smoke from cigarettes and cigars are irritating for many. Candles, kitchen stoves, toasters, fireplaces, and the dreaded unintentional fires also emit smoke odors that waft through a home, leaving homeowners scratching their heads for effective ... Continue Reading
  • How to Remove Moldy Smells from the Carpet Concentrating on anything, let trying to get some sleep at night can be difficult with carpets that give off a musty smell. But this isn’t the only problem; if your carpet contains mold or mildew of any kind, it can pose a serious health risk to you and everyone on the ... Continue Reading
  • Eliminate Musty Smells from Water Damage with These Tips Everyone has experienced water damage at some point in their home. It is the most common type of property damage and nearly impossible to prevent because it can come from so many sources. Excess water causes problems in homes by getting absorbed into various materials where ... Continue Reading