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Posts from 2020

  • How Quickly Can Mold Appear? Mold is a natural substance that can be found anywhere, but its natural presence doesn’t eliminate the harm it can pose to you and your property. When in the proper environment, mold can become a massive problem indoors, growing on various building materials throughout your ... Continue Reading
  • Frozen water pipes – Prevention & Tips Whether it’s an unexpected cold snap or an extended deep freeze, very cold winter weather can cause the water in your water pipes to freeze. The pressure of the expanding ice can rupture the pipe, releasing hundreds of gallons of water per hour and causing thousands of ... Continue Reading
  • How to Identify Mold and Mildew When you have excess moisture in your home or business, then it can encourage mold or mildew to grow in your property. They are both fungi commonly found in properties, but their commonality doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned by their presence. Mold and mildew can ... Continue Reading
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