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Tricks for Carpet Cleaning in Columbus, GA

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is not just an expert for disaster restoration services, we also provide high quality carpet cleaning services in Columbus GA and several other locations. We provide carpet cleaning services in Columbus GA for all residential properties and commercial facilities of all kinds and sizes. We also know that spills and stains are nearly impossible to avoid, that is why we would like to share some common stain removal tricks to help you keep the carpets in your home or office in pristine condition.

Oil Stains

Sprinkle an oil grease stain with talcum powder or cornstarch. Then gently massage the powder into the stain. The powder will then absorb the oil from your carpets and begin to clump. Afterwards vacuum the area thoroughly.


Clean mustard stains using a solution of water and ammonia (1-cup of water, 1-tablespoon ammonia). Afterwards blot the area dry and repeat as many times as necessary until the stain is removed.

Red Wine

Flush fresh red wine stains with club soda. Blot the area continually and repeat as many times as necessary while using a clean section of a towel to blot dry.

Blood Spots

For bloodstains, apply cold water to the spot and blot the area dry. Avoid the use of hot or warm water, as the heat may help the stain settle into the carpeting.


Soda can leave dark and sticky stains due to the coloring agents and sugars. To remove soda stains, clean the spot using a vinegar-water solution (1-part vinegar, 2-parts water), then follow up with a soap/detergent solution (1-teaspoon detergent, 1-quart of water).

Candle Wax

Candle wax can be difficult to remove when it hardens, as it becomes crusty and tough. Instead try placing a thick paper towel on top of the wax and run a hot iron across the paper towel. The heat will melt the wax and the paper towel will absorb the liquid wax.

Ball Point Ink

Gently dab ball point ink stains with rubbing alcohol. Then flush the area with water to remove leftover alcohol residue, which may cause bleaching (discoloration).

We hope that our advice for handling common stains can help your office or home, but when you need professional carpet cleaning in Columbus GA, Orlando, Auburn, and several other locations, you can always rely on ServiceMaster Restoration Services. Contact us today to schedule and setup an appointment for carpet cleaning services in Columbus GA and several other areas.