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Where There’s Smoke and Fire, We Can Help!

When a fire emergency affects your building, call ServiceMaster Restore. One of our team members will quickly contact you to schedule an appointment. This rapid response helps to reduce the extent of the damage and gets you back in business as soon as possible.

Even when the fire is out, the damage continues. Much of the material found in furniture and flooring is synthetic and when burned, it can create a variety of complex chemical reactions. After only a few days, these items go from cleanable to unsalvageable.

Our team understands the chemical combinations that can effectively clean and salvage your business’ belongings. Our technicians can even remove soot from at-risk items such as documents, brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, and tile, as well as fabrics in upholstery and carpets.

Call (762) 226-2114 to reach our disaster response center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.