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Water Restoration

  • Water Leaks Inside Your Home ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, Memphis, TN It can be as simple as a toilet that was flushed, overflowed, and flooded your entire lower lever, or perhaps you’ve returned home to find a pool of water from your dishwater in your kitchen. Broken pipes and overflowing toilets in ... Continue Reading
  • What is the cost to restore water damage? Short answer: It typically ranges from $1,400 to $7,500. The cost could be higher or lower, depending on the source and amount of water, the types of damaged materials, and how hard it is to access the damaged area. Minimum emergency service, which would be basic drying of ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding Water Mitigation After Your Home is Flooded Has a torrential rainstorm flooded your home, or perhaps a pipe burst, and you now have standing water in your house? Whatever the situation, if you have flood damage, you need to immediately contact your insurance provider and a reputable emergency restoration company ... Continue Reading
  • Types of Water Damage Types of Water Damage and Their Health Risks Did you know that there are different types of water damage? And that each type of damage has different associated health risks? Unfortunately, many homeowners are familiar with the effects of water damage but do not know that ... Continue Reading
  • Flood Restoration Services from ServiceMaster by Cornerstone Flooding is an emergency situation that needs immediate attention and ServiceMaster by Cornerstone is here for you in that emergency 24/7, 365 days a year to professionally extract water and use our industrial drying equipment to get your home or business back on its feet as ... Continue Reading