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Lemoyne's Premier Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Local Restoration Excellence Meeting National Standards

When you became an entrepreneur, handling disasters probably wasn’t at the top of your list of preferred ways to spend the day. Fire can quickly become overwhelming, and traumatizing. Understandably, you might not be ready to get through a restoration process, but don’t panic. The best thing you can do for your company and employees is to find reliable experts to ensure that everything is taken care of properly.

At ServiceMaster by Holobinko, our licensed, insured, and highly knowledgeable professionals will guide you through recovery from start to finish. Knowing the significance of business interruption, we work diligently to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

For commercial fire & smoke damage restoration in Lemoyne, PA, call us at (717) 827-9719 or contact us online today.

Advanced Restoration Technology for Your Business Recovery

With support from a nationally trusted brand that has over 65 years of experience, we’re local to the Lemoyne area. That means if you have an emergency, members of the community arrive rapidly to start the mitigation process.

It’s crucial to start mitigation away because both the smoke lingering from flames and the leftover water from firefighting efforts can take a minor problem and turn it into a disaster.

Common Fire Damage Challenges for Businesses:

  • Ash and smoke corrode materials, tarnishing metals, and etching glass
  • Soot discolors appliances, walls, and other surfaces
  • Water from sprinkler systems or firefighting efforts damages possessions and structures
  • Hidden water left untreated can lead to toxic mold infestations

A quick phone call to ServiceMaster by Holobinko will have things back to normal. Of course, we don’t expect that you’ll take our word for it. Check out some of these recent reviews to see what others say about working with our professionals.


Get Back to Business Faster with Our Fire Restoration Services

In the event of a fire impacting your commercial property,prompt action is imperative to minimize the repercussions on your business operations. Recognizing the urgency of fire damage restoration for businesses, our dedicated team at ServiceMaster by Holobinko is steadfast in deliveringrapid response and efficient restoration services, ensuring the swift recovery of your business.

Leveraging our proven processes and cutting-edge technology, we excel in the effective restoration of your commercial property post-fire and smoke damage. Our commitment revolves around prioritizing safety, efficiency, and quality, ensuring a seamless restoration journey for your business.

Benefits of Our Expedited Fire Damage Restoration:

  • Reduced Downtime for Your Business: Experience minimal disruptions to your business operations as we swiftly restore your commercial property, allowing you to resume normalcy with minimal downtime.
  • Streamlined Restoration for Quick Recovery: Rely on our expedited restoration process, designed to efficiently address fire and smoke damage, expediting the recovery of your commercial space.
  • Commercial Fire Damage Management Expertise: Benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience in managing commercial fire damage, tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by businesses.
  • Comprehensive Document and Data Recovery: Safeguard your critical documents and data with our professional recovery services, ensuring that essential business information remains intact and retrievable.
  • Assurance for Business Owners and Employees: Rest assured with the peace of mind that our dedicated team brings, offering not only restoration expertise but also reassurance for business owners and employees during the recovery process.

Choose our team for comprehensive and swift fire damage restoration, ensuring the resilience and continuity of your commercial operations.

In the face of unforeseen fire challenges, trust ServiceMaster by Holobinko to be your steadfast partner in rapid and efficient commercial property restoration. Act now to safeguard your business from prolonged interruptions – call us at (717) 827-9719 or reach out online.

Professional Document & Data Recovery Services in Lemoyne

Electronic equipment is crucial for many businesses today. When fire damage occurs, immediate treatment and restoration are vital. Fire and soot residue contains acids that can corrode metal surfaces and need professional removal. At ServiceMaster by Holobinko, our technicians recover data and restore electronic equipment, preventing further damage.

Comprehensive Recovery for Your Business Assets

We can recover a wide array of items, each requiring its individual attention and recovery process. Our team knows how to handle every item on your property.

Items We Can Restore for You:

  • Various media types, like archives, books, hard drives, journals, Photos, artwork, and papers
  • Essential devices like security cameras, digital video recorders, TVs, and appliances
  • Computers and other electronics

Our Document and Data Restoration Steps:

  • Drying
  • Cleaning
  • Microbial removal
  • Duplication.

At ServiceMaster by Holobinko, we adhere to strict protocols for sensitive, confidential, or classified data. We're compliant with medical/HIPAA, government, and client-specific regulations. We strive to save irreplaceable items.

Our friendly team is available 24/7 for Fire & Smoke damage emergencies in Lemoyne! Call us at (717) 827-9719 or contact us online.