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To be classified an antique, a rug must be at least 80 years old. Whether your antique or vintage rug has been in the family for generations or it was recently purchased from a dealer, it needs to be treated with tender loving care to preserve its structure and colors. Before you entrust your valuable rug to a cleaner, always ask the methods they will use to clean and dry it. A chemical cleaner should never come in contact with an antique or vintage rug. Professional cleaners will only use warm water and mild, non-chemical based cleaners to restore your rug without damaging it. Drying should always occur in a temperature-controlled setting where the rug is able to hang.

Daily care of your rug is also critical to maintaining its longevity and vibrancy. Perhaps the most important thing for you to do to care for antique rug is carefully consider the environment of where it is placed. High traffic, direct sunlight, and easy access for pets can quickly damage your rug. Heavy furniture permanently placed on antique rug will break down fibers and result a significant degradation in the structure of the rug where the piece’s leg rested. Ideally, the humidity of your home will be low to discourage dampness which breaks down fibers and the potential growth of mold.

Vacuuming your antique or vintage rug every other week will prevent surface dirt from working its way into the rugs fibers. When you vacuum, turn off the carpet agitator, vacuum in the same direction as the fibers, and vacuum both sides. Never vacuum the fringes. If you are hesitant to use a regular vacuum, investing in an electric sweeper can provide you peace of mind.

Clean up spills immediately by laying a dry cloth over the spill to seep it up. Do not rub or blot as that may cause the dyes to bleed. If bleeding does occur, it is best to call a professional rug cleaner immediately. SeviceMaster Restore® will provide you an expert assessment and plan of action.

Even with carefully care for by owners, antique and vintage rugs should be professionally cleaned annually to help protect and preserve them. During this cleaning, an inspection should be done to identify any areas that may be starting to degrade so preventive measures make taken immediately. ServiceMaster Restore® pledges to care for and clean your antique rug as if it had been in our family for generations.

If you are planning to store your antique or vintage rug for any extended period, it is best to have it professional cleaned and wrapped by experts such as the technicians at ServiceMaster Restore®. A clean rug will ensure odors and dirt do not set into your rug while stored. Professional wrapping will ensure your rug is safe from external environmental risks such as water, dampness, smoke, and insects such as moths and silverfish.

Please call ServiceMaster Restore® to help you care for your rugs.

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