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DIY is common way many of us spend our time because we enjoy the fruits of our own labor and like to save money. Some DIY projects accomplish just that, but others only provide half the benefit. Most people believe self-cleaning their rugs with a purchased or machine rented at a local box store is saving them money. Many times, it results in spending more money than a professional cleaning would have cost.

Homeowners are not able to purchase the concentrated cleaning products or rent commercial rug cleaning equipment. The effectiveness of these two items cannot be equaled by products purchased or rented at a retail store.

Professional rug cleaning preserves the life of your carpets and rugs by removing the dirt, soil, and allergens embedded within the fibers of your rug. A self-cleaning machine merely removes, or worse, spreads around surface dirt that then works its way deeper into the rug fibers. This not only makes your rug look dingy, it shortens its life.

The power of profession cleaning equipment enables it remove all of the water and cleaner sprayed on your rug. The residual water and cleaner left on your carpet by self-cleaning equipment creates issues for your rug and air in your home. Carpet fibers wick the remaining moister deep into the rug pulling remaining dirt with it. Before those fibers dry, they are providing a moist environment where mold and bacteria readily multiply and begin to take hold degrading the air quality in your home. The damp fibers also release any embedded odors that were trapped when the fibers were dry and the self-cleaning machine was unable to extract.

Residual dirt from self-cleaning builds up in your rug and reduces its life causing it to be replaced earlier. Though professional cleaning costs more now, it pays for itself by extending the life of your rug. It’s recommended you clean your carpet every 6 to 12 months before you start to notice the spots and traffic lanes to keep it looking like new and to have it last a long time.

Professional rug cleaners are also trained to remove set-in stains and remediate the specific issues associated with certain types of stains such as pet urine. Cat urine has a different chemical composition than dog urine and how each stains a rug, adheres to fibers, and needs to be removed properly occurs in a different way. Only professional cleaners will have that knowledge and the proper cleaning materials do completely remove the stain and odor.

Self-cleaning equipment is also not able to provide the additional health benefits a profession deep rug cleaning offers. The air in your home circulates through your rug fibers much the same way it circulates through your HVAC system. As air deposits particles in your HVAC filter, it deposits those same particles in your rug fibers. These include allergens, pollen, bacteria, fungus spores, dust, and other pollutants that build up over time. A profession rug cleaning is able to remove those particles, even those buried deep in the rug fibers that self-cleaners miss. Besides changing your HVAC filter regularly, a regular professional rug cleaning is one of best ways to keep the air in your home clean.

A clean, well-maintained rug also enhances the overall appearance and cleanliness of your home. It improves the air quality in your home reducing the risk of family being exposed to allergens and health issue. Call ServiceMaster Restore® to see how we can help to keep your rugs clean and allergen free.