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Soumak is a tapestry technique of weaving strong and decorative textiles to make rugs and other textiles. Soumak has a smooth front face and have a ragged back. A versatile and time-consuming technique, Soumak weaves are known for their complex and varied designs often used for smaller works such as bags, prayer rugs and mats.

Soumaks are extremely durable and will last for many years when cared for properly. They require low maintenance and are easy to vacuum and sweep. Often made of wool, Soumak rugs are best suited situations where a thinner rug is needed. Vibrant and muted colors create a look and feel that pleases the eye while honoring historic traditions.

A flatweave Soumak can be gently vacuumed. However, cleaning these rugs requires a professional rug cleaner to make sure the diverse weaving techniques, patterns, and vibrant colors of these rugs are protected.

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