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Kilim is a pileless textile created using flat-weaving techniques. They may be woven by hand or on machine of many different types of fibers including wool, cotton, or synthetic. Through history kilim has been woven across North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia. A unique characteristic of kilim rugs is that they have no backing and are reversible with the pattern visible on both sides.

Kilim rugs’ unique construction requires special attention when cleaning. If the rug does not see much traffic, it may not require professional cleaning very often. Regular vacuuming is important to remove dust. Because kilim rugs are more delicate, make sure that you set your vacuum on a low suction setting and run it very lightly over the rug. As with all rugs, it is best to vacuum both sides to remove dust and dirt that has settled in to the rug. If your rug has fringe, only vacuum away from the body of the rug and be sure you’re the beater head of your attachment is turned off. If in a heavier traffic area or you notice spots or heavy dirt, a professional rug cleaner will know the proper techniques and have the equipment necessary to safely restore your rug to its beautiful self.