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As you prepare your household for new baby, do not forget the rugs. Think of all of the time your baby will spend your rugs. You want them to be clean so they are safe and healthy for your new child. A ServiceMaster Restore® professional rug cleaning will remove all dirt, pet dander, mold, bacteria and other allergens that are trapped in your rug before they can irritate your baby. It is also wise to consider a semi-annual rug cleaning once baby has arrived to keep your rugs clean and allergen-free as baby grows.

If you already have a pet and a baby is on the way, professional rug cleaning is very important. Ideally, you have already have a regular rug cleaning regime in place to handle the impact a pet has on your rugs. Pets leave dander, hair, body oils, and track in other outdoor irritants on the paws not to mention the occasional accident on your rugs. A professional rug cleaning will help protect your baby from these things as well as freshen the air in your home.

It is not just pets. Mom, Dad, grandparents, siblings, and guests all inadvertently track the outdoors in as they arrive. If you wear your shoes in the house, anything you have stepped in while out is brought home with you and crushed into your rugs. This is where your baby plays and crawls. This is where baby’s toys have been before they are picked up by baby and put in their mouth. A professional rug cleaning will provide you with peace of mind that you have done the best you can to remove these potential hazards from you baby’s future. It is also a good time to begin taking your shoes off as you walk into the house.

Though a joyous time with laughter and memories made, spills and accidents will happen with a growing baby and children and rugs will get filthy. Baby formula, juice, crumbs, jelly, yogurt, crackers, drool, burping towels and much, much more all end up spilling and falling on the rug. Call the experts at ServiceMaster Restore® for a consultation on how we can help keep your rugs clean and your family safe.

Be sure to tell us that you have a new baby on the way so we may address your special concerns and discuss with you the types of cleaning solutions we use when cleaning your rugs.