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Flatweave Dhurrie rugs have become a popular design choice for any room in the house. Dhurrie rugs are an ancient art form that originated in India as floor coverings. A dhurrie rug is made by weaving or interlacing vertical and horizontal threads of wool together either by hand or by loom. They are made without a pile or backing, so they are reversible and lightweight.

With their rugged and durable flat-weave, dhurrie rugs are a beautiful choice in formal and casual settings Known for their beautiful colors and patterns, dhurries were used as bed coverings, threshold covering, mantle or mediation mats, among other functions for centuries. Dhurries are larger

Flatweave dhurrie rugs are easier to care for than most traditional rugs. To remove day-to-day dirt, a regular vacuuming without a beater brush is best. Always clean up spills by blotting with a wet cloth. To avoid damaging the fibers, it is advised not scrub a dhurrie rug. Professional cleaning is recommended for any valuable rug that you want to keep in excellent condition for generations to come.

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