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Fire Damage Agents & Adjusters

Agents & Adjusters

We Get To Work Fast to Get Things Back to Normal Fast.

Policyholders lose more than possessions when a fire strikes their home; they lose previous peace of mind. They often turn to you to restore both, which is why you turn to ServiceMaster Restore. We understand the emotions involved and we respond fast. Even after the fire is out, the damage to your policyholder’s home and belongings continues. Much of the material found in furniture and flooring is synthetic and, when burned, can result in complex chemical reactions. In just a few days, these items go from cleanable to unsalvageable.

The professionals of ServiceMaster Restore are experts at understanding the chemical combinations that can effectively clean and salvage belongings. We can remove soot from at-risk items such as brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile and porcelain, as well as in fabrics such as upholstery and carpets, thus, helping to avoid additional expenses.

Preparing Agents and Adjusters in the Event of a Disaster.

The more you know the more you can help. As the insurance agent or adjuster, you’re often the first contact for a policyholder who has experienced a disaster. You are in a unique position to put your policyholder at ease and to help minimize damage. The more you know about the disaster mitigation process and recover, the more you can guide your client in taking the right steps to control damage therefore control costs. ServiceMaster Restore is an approved Continuing Education (CE) provider in 43 states. We’ve developed a curriculum that emphasizes the cost-saving benefits of quick response and correct action in several areas.

Policyholder Satisfaction

At ServiceMaster Restore, we value the trust you place in us to help restore not only your policyholder’s property after fire or water damage, but also their peace of mind. We appreciate being your mitigation vendor of choice. In 2011, we began using Net Promoter Scores, or NPS, to track policyholder satisfaction.

What is NPS? Net Promoter Score is a method of calculating the satisfaction and loyalty level of your customers, with the ultimate goal of determining your business’ potential for growth and profitability. Our NPS system, Tel ServiceMaster, provides a comprehensive system for determining customer loyalty and improving customer retention.

Following each job, we email a brief two question survey. Your policyholder is asked to rate how likely they would recommend our service to a friend or colleague. The scoring range is between zero (unlikely) and ten (very likely). They are then given an opportunity to provide more information about the service experience in an open text box. Based on their response, the policyholder is classified as a detractor, passive or promoter. Scores are rolled up, and each ServiceMaster Restore franchise receives a composite score representing how satisfied policyholders are with the service provided. Our business is notified immediately of any detractor feedback so we can reach out to the policyholder and resolve any issues quickly.

As your service partner in the claims process, ServiceMaster Restore understands that the job we do affects your policyholder’s satisfaction. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. But we also understand the emotional needs of those involved and the need to deliver a remarkable customer service experience.

We Bring in the Best When the Unexpected Happens.

Your policyholder is depending upon you to refer fast, competent help that can stop the damage and restore their home. The experts at ServiceMaster Restore understand that experiencing fire damage can be difficult. Policyholders can rest assured they’ve selected the right people to do the job. With more than 50 years’ experience, we are a leader in fire damage restoration.