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Professional Mold Remediation in Syracuse, NY

Comprehensive Mold Inspection and Testing in Syracuse

Potentially one of the least welcome guests in your home or apartment is mold. Not only does it slowly destroy everything it grows on, but it can also spread and turn into an infestation rapidly. This impacts the structural integrity of your home, ruins possessions, and can take a toll on your health. If you suspect mold, call ServiceMaster Recovery by Close - Syracuse for expert mold remediation services.

ServiceMaster Recovery by Close - Syracuse is a leading provider of mold remediation services. Our mold remediation company has extensive experience in dealing with mold growth, and has a team of certified professionals equipped to handle any size job.

Our mold remediation services are designed to remove any mold infestation from your home, restore your air quality to normal levels, and prevent future mold growth. Our goal is to help you create a healthy and safe environment for your family.

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Common Causes of Mold in Syracuse Homes

  • Moisture Control Problems – Whether from a leak, flood, storm, or another form of water intrusion, one of the main reasons mold growths occur is the lack of control over moisture in the home.
  • Poor Air Flow – Mold requires damp, restricted areas with little airflow to grow. Lack of ventilation can lead to rapid growth.
  • High Humidity – If the area reaches a humidity rate over 55%, the dehumidification needs to happen to prevent the growth or spread of a mold colony.

Identifying Mold in Your Syracuse Property

Key indicators that suggest the presence of mold include:

  • Dark spots or stains on your floors, walls, and/or ceilings
  • Musty odors of mildew that linger and don’t dissipate
  • Humidity levels are high enough to form condensation on glass or metal

Without moisture, mold cannot survive. Therefore, any of these signs are an indication that you need a specialist to examine potential areas where mold is living to effectively remove the source. It’s not as simple as wiping it away with bleach or household cleaners. At ServiceMaster Recovery by Close - Syracuse, our professionals utilize a combination of industry equipment and technology to safely eradicate mold growth and ensure the environment is fit for occupying again.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Mold shows up in a variety of ways – from the above-mentioned contributing factors and warning signs in the home to physical symptoms in our bodies.

Health symptoms associated with mold exposure:

  • Congestion and having a runny nose
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Headaches
  • Consistent fatigue
  • Onset asthma
  • Lung irritation

Fully licensed and insured with years of experience and rigorous training, our Syracuse mold experts know how to handle mold contamination. At, ServiceMaster Recovery by Close - Syracuse, we provide the comprehensive services you can rely on for a safe home.

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What is the Difference Between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation involves not only removing the mold but also taking steps to prevent future mold growth. This may include addressing the source of the moisture that caused the mold problem in the first place. If need be we will also remove damaged materials and complete the reconstruction.

Mold removal, on the other hand, is simply the process of physically removing mold from a surface. It does not address the underlying cause of mold growth and does not prevent future mold growth.

Your Trusted Mold Remediation Team in Syracuse, NY

Many people believe that mold and mildew damage is a problem that they can handle on their own. However, mold remediation is a complex process, and trying to remediate mold without professional help often does not work and actually ends up spreading the mold around. Mold loves moisture, so an important part of remediation is finding and fixing the source of the moisture. Whether it is a leaking pipe or a chronically wet area, our Syracuse mold professionals will find the sources of moisture and prevent them from causing further problems.

Effective Mold Removal Techniques

The next step is to remove the mold. This must be done carefully, as disturbing mold can cause it to release spores into the air. We have specialized equipment to prevent spores from spreading and will dispose of all contaminated materials properly. Then the area can be cleaned and treated to prevent future mold growth.

The Comprehensive Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation is not a simple process. It requires specialized knowledge and equipment to be done correctly so it is always best to hire a mold professional near you. Our mold remediation services are performed by professionals who have the experience and training necessary to safely and effectively remove mold from your Syracuse home or business.

Need mold remediation in Syracuse? Call us at(315) 543-6457 orcontact us online to book a service.