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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Fremont, NE

ServiceMaster Restoration Services

Natural disasters can be one of life’s most traumatic events. Finding your home or building left in a critical condition after a flood, fire, or other weather-related condition can be extremely difficult to accept. But you must realize that the damage, no matter the source, will continue to spread further until it is treated properly. Ultimately, the more time that is taken to take action, the more destruction sustained by your property structure.

But ServiceMaster Restoration Services has years of experience in helping property owners recover their home or building as well as personal contents after a natural disaster. We understand that this can be a deeply traumatic event, which is why we are available 24/7 and work efficiently to get you and your family or staff back on track again. We will also work with your insurance provider to give you as much peace of mind as possible while you attend to other matters.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is proud to provide the following services in the Fremont, NE area:

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Cleanup – Fremont, NE

Excess water can come from a variety of sources: flash floods, broken pipes, sewage backups, and leaking appliances are only a few of the ways water can cause damage to property. Water soaks into porous surfaces like wood, textiles, and insulation and spreads even further through the building, damaging items and leading to mold growth without prompt mitigation. But ServiceMaster Restoration Services uses advanced water extraction and drying equipment to quickly and safely remove excess water while restoring your property and its contents.

two men shaking handsFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – NE

It may seem like the devastation caused by fire is over once the flames are out, but that’s not true. Secondary damage caused by soot, smoke, burning toxins, and even the firefighting products continue to damage your home or business and its contents, unless cleaning and restoration begin immediately. ServiceMaster Restoration Services will arrive quickly after your initial call to contain the spread of the damage and begin the restoration process. We will stabilize the structure and manage all aspects of the process so you can concentrate on other matters.

man removing mold from wallMold Removal – Fremont

Mold is more than just an unsightly discoloration on a wall; it grows quickly and destroys porous materials within your home. The spores can spread throughout the air and feed from common household surfaces like drywall and textiles as long as there is a present source of moisture. This is why mold growth begins quickly after a water leak or increase in humidity. But ServiceMaster Restoration Services uses advanced tools to find mold, even in hidden places like walls, and eliminate it on the spot. We will then repair the damaged building materials to return the affected area to a safe and healthy environment again.

people in biohazard suitsBiohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – NE

Accidents and violent crimes happen every day in this country, and while nobody likes to think about it happening where they work or live, it’s a possibility. It’s important to know what to do in these situations, because biohazardous materials like blood, bodily fluids, and tissue can spread disease. But never try to clean the area yourself as commercial cleaners are not strong enough to clean and disinfect the area. The best thing to do is to call 911, followed by the technicians of ServiceMaster Restoration Services for biohazard and trauma scene cleanup in the Elkhorn, NE area. We will arrive quickly to clean and sanitize the area, returning it to a safe and healthy environment again. We also work in cooperation with law enforcement to avoid compromising any investigations.

packageContent Cleaning and Pack-Outs – Fremont, NE

Building structures aren’t the only materials to experience damage during disasters; the contents can also sustain damage from fires, water, mold, and other disasters. Clothing, furniture, and electronics in our modern tech-loving homes are at the mercy of these elements, and without immediate treatment, this damage can become permanent. But ServiceMaster Restoration Services provides comprehensive content cleaning and pack-out services in the Elkhorn, NE area to prevent the damage from spreading while restoring your belongings. The cleaning and restoration usually takes place on-site, but if the condition of the building does not provide a suitable environment, we will inventory, pack-out, and transport the items to our secure facility for restoration.

two men rolling up carpetCarpet Cleaning Services – Fremont

The carpets in your home or business can take a beating on a daily basis. Dirt, spills, pet accidents, and stains will take their toll, deteriorating and discoloring the fibers. Odors also build up over time but can’t be masked for long with sprays. The best way to protect your investment is with professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Restoration Services if you live or work in the Elkhorn, NE area. We use effective, yet gentle cleaning products and equipment to safely remove tough stains, dirt, and odors from carpets in both homes and businesses. We can also work with you to schedule regular cleanings to keep them looking and smelling their best.

man working with a servicemaster fanAir Duct Cleaning – NE

Many property owners are unaware of the advantages of cleaning air ducts. Besides removing dust and debris from the ventilation system, you will see an improvement in overall indoor air quality, relief from allergies, and even lower utility bills. If it has been at least 5 years since your last air duct cleaning, you are probably due for a cleaning and should call the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services in the Elkhorn, NE area. We have the equipment and training to fully clean all components of your HVAC system, while ensuring your satisfaction by conducting a final inspection.

servicemaster trucksCommercial Restoration – Fremont, NE

A natural disaster has the potential to cause widespread damage within an office or commercial building. Major storms, flooding, fires, and accidents can cause serious damage to property and equipment, and the damage will continue to get worse until the restoration can begin. Experiencing significant property damage can also cause a business to shut down until the repairs are done, leading to a further loss of revenue. ServiceMaster Restoration Services provides commercial disaster restoration services to help businesses in Elkhorn, NE limit their losses after a disaster. We will immediately work to limit the damage and form a complete restoration plan to get your property restored as quickly as possible.