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Disaster Restoration Services in Athens, GA ServiceMAster Restore

Fire Damage Restoration Fire

Seeing your home and precious possessions consumed by fire can be one of the most severe losses that a homeowner can experience. After such a devastating loss, reassurance comes from having clear guidance and support in salvaging as much as possible from fire and smoke damage. At ServiceMaster of Athens, our technicians are more than talented professionals; they’re caring people ready to get you back in your home as quickly as possible, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Water Damage Restoration Water

Water damage can be devastating not only on your home but also your life. Whether the water damage is the result of a busted water pipe or storm damage, we can help with our full range of professional water restoration services.

Our goal is to restore your home—and your peace of mind—as quickly and efficiently as possible. When we arrive, we will assess the extent of the damage and decide what needs to be done to get your home dried out. We can even help you navigate an insurance claim.

Pack-outs Packout

The fire may be out, but your valuable items are still at risk. We know how much your possessions mean to you. We are experts in handling, cleaning and storing cherished possessions and come to your side with pack out crews who are thoroughly trained in packing and inventory management. At ServiceMaster Restore, we bring calm to the chaos.

Mold Remediation Mold

One of the worst contaminants known is the silent but dangerous growth of mold. Mold can grow indoors on wet or damp surfaces, such as wallpaper, ceiling tiles, carpets, insulation material, wood and drywall. It can start to grow within 48 hours and if left unchecked, can have serious impacts on both your quality of life and your home’s physical structure. If you see signs of mold or suspect that it has infected your home, we’re here to help remediate the problem and prevent long-term damage.