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Odor Removal Service in Chippewa Falls

Send the stink packing with odor removal services from ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley.

Control & Extinguish Unpleasant Odors

Eliminate unpleasant odors from fire, smoke, or other disasters with odor control services from ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley. After an assessment of your commercial or residential property, our expert cleaning staff utilizes a variety of cleaning chemicals, processes, and specialty equipment with multiple treatments to leave your space smelling fresh and clean.

No matter what caused the strange odors in your home, our odor removal experts can take care of it with our customized solutions. Call (715) 200-8599 or contact us online to get started.

ServiceMaster removes a wide range of odors by using:

Air scrubbers

Clean your air, removing unwanted odors and the toxins that cause them, with innovative air scrubbers from ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley. Air scrubbers utilize the power of high efficiency air filtration (HEPA) to eliminate odor particles from the air and create an environment safe for breathing.

Thermal fogging

Our experienced cleaning staff will use professional thermal fogging machines to emit a fine smoke throughout your home or office. The smoke penetrates porous surfaces that house smelly odor molecules. We offer scented and unscented thermal fogging treatments to fit your needs.

Ozone purification

Improve your indoor air quality and remove unpleasant odors with ozone generator cleaning from ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley. Ozone odor removal machines effectively purify the air from odor causing substances, leaving your home clean and fresh.

Exclusive odor deodorization process

Stomp out stinky smells with ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley's exclusive odor deodorization process. From lemon fresh to anti-allergen, we offer a wide variety of deodorization chemicals to suite your sniffer's style.

For professional odor elimination services, contact our Chippewa Valley team at (715) 200-8599.

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