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Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill, FL

Since 1989, ServiceMaster Professional Services has been a market leader for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Spring Hill, FL and the surrounding areas. Family-owned since 1998, we use a carpet steam cleaning system that combines the power of commercial-grade equipment with innovative cleaning products. Our process is safe for your carpets and provides much better results than you’ll get from store-bought or rental units.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

While there are many different carpet cleaning methods, steam is still the best way to extract embedded soil, stains, grime and other contaminants. Many of the major carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning to maintain the beauty of the fabric and extend the life of the carpet. Our residential service includes everything your carpet needs to stay clean and fresh smelling.

  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-treatment for deep grime and stains
  • Steam extraction with commercial-grade equipment
  • Deodorizing treatment
  • Carpet raking
  • Air movers to reduce dry time if necessary

How Steam Cleaning Works

When our professional steam cleaning technicians arrive at your home, they conduct a pre-inspection and answer all your questions. The technician will then apply a specially formulated pre-treatment designed to loosen spots, stains, oil deposits and deep grime.

Moving Furniture

The technician will carefully move your furniture to expose carpeted areas underneath. We thoroughly clean the carpet and then move the furniture back into place. Protective blocks are positioned under the legs of the different pieces to prevent moisture transference. Once the extraction process is complete, the technician will use a specially designed rake to “groom” the carpet. If necessary, we can set up air movers to help speed up the drying process.

Inspection and Deodorizing

Once the cleaning is finished, our technician will perform a post inspection with the client. Special attention is paid to areas that were heavily stained or soiled. No job is considered complete until you’re 100-percent satisfied. Based on customer preference, we can treat your carpet with a deodorizer using a child and pet-friendly formula that actually eliminates odors.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Our comprehensive carpet cleaning service provides a variety of benefits:

  • Eliminates allergens, dust mites and ground-in soil
  • Reduces the spread of bacteria, mold, germs and diseases
  • Eliminates existing stains and spots
  • Helps reduce the effects of wear and tear in high-traffic areas
  • Restores the natural appearance and texture of your carpets
  • Extend the life of your carpets

You also have the option of protecting your carpet from future spills and stains by applying Scotchgard™ carpet protector.

Your Carpet Cleaning Experts

Don’t let your carpet become an eyesore. Call the pros at ServiceMaster Professional Services for complete carpet cleaning services. A friendly representative will answer your questions and schedule a cleaning session at your convenience.