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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Spring Hill, FL

Tile is one of the most popular floor covering options because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. New tile floors look great, but the grout lines become dirty as the porous material continually absorbs moisture, dust, and grime. Without regular cleaning by a professional, the grout will become discolored, which detracts from the beauty of your tile. Fortunately, the pros at ServiceMaster Professional Services provide complete tile and grout cleaning services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our technicians use advanced high-pressure equipment to clear the dirt and grime from between the tiles while giving the entire surface a deep cleaning. Our powerful tile cleaning machines work by using streams of hot water at a specific pressure to lift and remove dirt without damaging your grout or tile surface. Thanks to our leading-edge technology, cleaning your tile and grout is a fast and affordable process that’s much more effective than using a mop, sponge or consumer-grade cleaning product.

The ServiceMaster Professional Services tile and grout cleaning process includes the following steps:

  • We inspect your grout and tile to determine the best cleaning method.
  • Stains and spots are pre-sprayed using a child-safe formula.
  • Ground-in dirt and grime are loosened and removed with our high-pressure cleaning and extraction equipment.
  • Baseboards and corners are cleaned carefully.
  • The tile is thoroughly dried.
  • Grout lines can be sealed to repel dirt and extend the life of your grout

Tile and Grout Sealant

The cleaning process may remove existing sealant, so we recommend resealing the surface of your tile every time it’s professionally cleaned. This will help prevent mildew, mold, and stains from working their way into your grout, which will keep it looking cleaner for a longer period of time.

Maintaining Your Tile Surfaces

Once your tile is cleaned, dried and sealed, it’s important to follow a few simple steps so your floor maintains its shine and appeal:

  • Sweep or vacuum your flooring to remove dust and loose dirt that can scratch the surface of the tile.
  • Once the dirt is removed, mop your floor every week using an appropriate detergent and a mop designed for tile cleaning
  • Remove greasy stains by using a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Always rinse the residue off with a generous quantity of fresh water.