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Fire Damage Repair in Cary, IL

Professional Cleanup & Restoration After a Fire

The thought of a fire in a home or building is terrifying. Fires can happen in an instant and cause deep, devastating damage while also threatening the safety of those inside.

Evacuating the home or building should be your main concern during the fire, but once the fire is extinguished, you must focus on the restoration to prevent significant damage.

After the fire is out, there are still corrosive materials like soot, smoke, and other byproducts lingering that can permanently damage various surfaces, furnishings, and materials.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides damage restoration services in Cary, IL, and the surrounding areas to help clean up and rebuild homes and businesses that have been damaged in a fire. We serve Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Get back to normal with the help of ServiceMaster Kwik Restore! Call (847) 908-5914 or contact us online to schedule fire damage repair in Cary, IL.

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore Delivers Trusted Restoration

Each of our technicians is highly trained to handle serious fire and smoke damage using the best equipment and cleaning products of the industry.

As soon as the fire department finishes putting out the fire, you must call ServiceMaster Kwik Restore to help limit the spread of corrosive byproducts and pre-clean affected materials to avoid permanent damage.

Most of the damage that occurs in a fire is actually caused by soot and corrosive byproducts that can cause etching, corrosion, and discoloration to various surfaces and materials.

Water damage is also common following a fire.

Our Proven Fire Damage Repair Methods

Our technicians use the right chemical cleaners to clean up soot damage from a range of household materials including tile, brass, aluminum, carpeting and upholstery. We are also equipped to rebuild the physical damage to your home or building caused by the fire itself.

Once you call ServiceMaster Kwik Restore for fire damage restoration, these tips will help you prevent further damage:

  • Do not attempt to clean wood, drywall, or other porous surfaces.
  • Do not use your furnace or air conditioner.
  • Save electronics for inspection before using them.
  • Do not attempt to move large objects like furniture.
  • Dispose of any food packages exposed to the fire.

Addressing Odors from Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires create many layers of damage in a home or building and not all the damage caused is physical. One of the common problems caused by fire and smoke is foul odors that continue to linger long after a fire.

Smoke odors get absorbed in porous building materials and the only way to remove these odors is to eliminate them at their source. We use advanced deodorization equipment and methods to extract smoke odor from affected materials and air spaces.

Contact ServiceMaster Kwik Restore for Fire Damage Repair in Cary

If your home or business building is damaged in a fire, make sure you call ServiceMaster Kwik Restore as soon as possible after the fire is out.

Our technicians will immediately start pre-cleaning damaged materials and stabilize the building while we further assess the damage to form a full restoration plan.

Call or contact us online anytime! We are Available 24 Hours a Day at (847) 908-5914 to Respond to Fire Damage Emergencies.