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Today, hoarding is fairly common in our society. It is characterized by extreme difficulty discarding items, and typically manifests as collections of items that increasingly overwhelm living spaces. Hoarding is recognized as a disorder, and many who suffer from it need outside support from family or friends to tackle this difficult situation.

For health and safety, the concerns with hoarding go beyond the clutter. The actual stacks of items create a fire hazard, both because of the ease with which fire moves across flammable piles and because the clutter blocks access to exits. These piles also create an environment that is good for pests and the growth of mold. The presence of pets or pests often results in biohazard materials, and trained experts are needed to safely handle biohazards. Cleaning out the clutter is also sometimes a necessary first step to getting plumbers, electricians, or other professionals in the home for repairs, because they need access to the problem area and space to work.

Our team understands that hoarding cleanup requires open communication, expert assessment, and specialized training and skills. ServiceMaster Restore has over 60 years of experience tackling tough cleaning jobs. Our partnership with the founder of Clutter Cleaner, Matt Paxton, has helped us hone these skills for hoarding cleanup. We have the knowledge and dedication to effectively handle any hoarding or extreme cleaning situation, big or small. Call ServiceMaster of Germantown today.

Before and after images of a cluttered house that's been cleaned