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Maine Odor Removal Company

In the war against odors a new weapon has been unleashed. Maine odor removal has just gotten more aggressive. Traditionally, the artillery in the arsenal of ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration included ozone and thermal fogging. While effective, these methods are not safe for use while the property is occupied.

Hydroxyl generators, however, achieve superior results without the side-effects associated with ozone and thermal fogging. This allows occupants to remain in the property during odor-mitigation efforts.

What are Hydroxyls?

Hydroxyls are safe molecules (•OH) that occur naturally in our atmosphere. They are naturally produced when ultraviolet rays create a reaction with water vapor. Ronald Prinn from MIT said, “This one (Hydroxyl) molecule is very, very important. It is the critical cleaning chemical for the atmosphere.”

How do Hydroxyls eliminate odors?

Hydroxyls are probably best described as odor-seeking missiles. They are artificially created in a hydroxyl generator that mimics the conditions in the atmosphere that create them naturally. As contaminated air is fed through the generator, odor-causing molecules are destroyed and purified air and hydroxyls are produced. These released hydroxyls then cause a cascading chemical reaction to multiply, seek out other odor-causing molecules and eradicate them. Interestingly, hydroxyls are capable of simultaneously decontaminating air, surfaces and objects.

What are the benefits of using hydroxyl generators?

Effective against a variety of odors, including those produced by:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire/Smoke/Soot Damage
  • Mold
  • Safe for use around plants, animals and people
  • Remove odors quickly, with noticeable results typically discernable within just a few hours
  • Eliminate odors, rather than mask them

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