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Commercial Restoration and Catastrophe Response in Houston, TX

ServiceMaster Commercial Restoration – Houston, TX

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When a major natural disaster occurs, businesses and commercial buildings are especially vulnerable to large losses. A severe storm, flood, fire, or accident can cause extensive damage to a commercial building as well as the assets inside. If the damage is serious enough, it can also threaten the safety of employees. The cost of the damage can be significant to a business as the company will have to pay for the restoration of the damage, and absorb the costs of lost products, equipment, and time. Dealing with major property damage after a disaster is a nightmare scenario for business owners, but dedicated ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) centers like ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning can help with the restoration.Emergency response plan graphic

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is an SRM center that can provide commercial restoration and catastrophe response services for commercial and industrial buildings in the Houston, TX area. As one of ServiceMaster’s SRM centers, we are fully prepared to respond to major catastrophes and help restore and rebuild commercial properties that have experienced extensive damage. Our technicians are highly trained to deal with major catastrophes and we use advanced equipment and products to return your property to its pre-disaster state.

Calling ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning immediately for catastrophe response after a disaster will help us limit the extent of the damage which will save your company time and money on the restoration.

Why Choose ServiceMaster for Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup

servicemaster employees walking with equipmentSerious flooding is one example of a catastrophe that can cause extensive damage and losses for a business. It commonly happens as a result of natural flooding or heavy rain, but a major indoor flood can also be caused by something internal like a burst pipe or major backup. Indoor flooding can lead to major damage to the structural elements of the building such as drywall, insulation, flooring, and wood, as well as to electronics, equipment, and other assets. Excess water must be contained and removed quickly to prevent it from spreading and causing more extensive damage and possibly mold growth.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is prepared to handle large scale water damage restoration in commercial and industrial buildings. We use advanced water extraction equipment to remove any standing water from the building and our drying and dehumidification equipment can extract moisture from affected objects and building materials.

We complete our commercial flood damage cleanup services with these steps:

  • Emergency Response: We respond as quickly as possible to large scale flooding to contain the spread of the water. We will also do a preliminary inspection to determine the best course of action for the restoration.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: We use heavy duty water extraction equipment to remove standing water and thoroughly dry the affected materials.
  • Electronics Restoration: If the flooding has affected your company’s computers or other electronics, we can help restore them.
  • Structural Repairs: We will rebuild damage caused to the structural elements of the building.’

Call ServiceMaster Restore at (281) 503-5189 for commercial water damage restoration services in the Houston, TX area.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

servicemaster truckFires are another major disaster that can cause very serious damage very quickly to a commercial building. There are many ways a fire can start in a commercial building and once it starts, it will spread rapidly through the building and threaten the safety of your employees. It is very important for your business to have a fire evacuation plan in place so that your employees can get out safely if there is a fire. After your employees have evacuated and the fire is put out, you must immediately start the restoration process, or the damage will get worse.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides large scale fire damage restoration to help cleanup and restore commercial buildings that have experienced a major fire. We can effectively handle the cleanup of smoke and soot damaged objects, as well as structural repairs.

Commercial fire damage services – ServiceMaster Restore Video

Our commercial fire damage restoration services consist of the following steps:

  • Emergency Response: Our technicians will arrive on the scene as soon as the fire is out to do an initial inspection and begin limiting the damage.
  • Treatment of Soot and Corrosive Byproducts: Fires leave behind smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that can cause damage after the fire is out. We will treat affected objects and surfaces to help reverse the effects and prevent permanent damage.
  • Electronics Restoration: We can effectively restore your damaged electronics.
  • Structural Repairs: We will rebuild any structural damage caused by the fire.

Large scale damage from a disaster can be devastating to a business, but a call to our professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning can help limit the damage and save your company time and money. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is one of ServiceMaster’s SRM centers which means that we are fully equipped to respond to catastrophes and handle large scale commercial restoration. We are committed to restoring your property in a timely manner so you can get your business back on track.

Call ServiceMaster Restore at (281) 503-5189 for commercial fire damage restoration services in the Houston, TX area.