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Hoarding Cleaning Service Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY

Hoarding is a very serious mental disorder that causes behaviors that lead to dangerous living conditions. Those who struggle with hoarding have a high level of anxiety that makes it very difficult for them to part with any objects that have come into the home. As a result, the home becomes cluttered with objects like newspapers, stacks of boxes, large appliances, and sometimes animals. Extreme clutter creates a dangerous situation because the piles of objects could cause injuries, block off rooms and exits, increase the risk of a fire, and allow for the growth of mold or bacteria. ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides hoarding cleaning services to help those who struggle with hoarding issues in Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY. If you know of a loved one or anyone that needs hoarding cleaning service Staten Island, Our technicians will help remove the clutter and restore the home to safe living conditions, and we also make sure that the affected individual has a say in the process.

Hoarders themselves rarely start the cleaning process of their own homes because they are embarrassed by the conditions they have created. Someone who the individual trusts must talk to them about the importance of cleaning the home for their own safety to get the process started. As the hoard of items expands, moving around the home becomes much more difficult which can be extremely dangerous if there is a fire. Hoarding also creates unsanitary living conditions because harmful substances like mold and bacteria can grow and thrive within the clutter. The presence of these materials can have very serious health implications. Our technicians can clear out the most heavily affected homes as well as clean and disinfect the home to restore safe and sanitary living conditions. We help choose what will be kept or thrown away, but the affected individual has the final say.

Our hoarding cleaning services include the following basic steps:

  • Salvaging of valuable items like money and jewelry
  • Removal of unwanted hoarded items
  • Proper disposal of hoarded items that are removed
  • Delivery of kept items to friends, family members, and charitable organizations
  • Assistance with official paperwork from attorneys, trusts, and government agencies

3 Phase Hoarding Cleaning Service Staten Island Approach

We understand the difficulty that those affected by hoarding experience during the cleaning process. Our hoarding cleaning services are designed to make a connection with the individual based on respect and to involve the individual in the planning and cleaning process. These services are divided into the following three phases:

Phase 1: Making a Personal Connection

  • We try to assess the extent of the hoarding before entering the home.
  • We have a discussion with the individual and their family regarding the importance of cleaning the home. We may refer the individual to a counseling professional at this stage if necessary.
  • We earn the trust and approval of the affected individual before planning the cleaning process.

Phase 2: Creating a Cleaning Plan

  • A complete cleaning plan is created with input from the affected individual and their family.
  • We will clean and reorganize the home after the unwanted items are removed.
  • The affected individual makes the final decision on whether each object will be kept, thrown away, recycled, or donated.

Phase 3: Follow Up

  • We leave the individual and their family with a cleaning plan to keep the home in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • A follow up phone call is made to see if the cleaning plan is being followed. If the home has become cluttered again, we will return to the home to clean it.

If you know someone in Staten Island or Brooklyn, NY that has an issue with hoarding, you must act fast before their behaviors create dangerous living conditions. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete at (718) 524-3765 for hoarding cleaning services. Our technicians will treat the affected individual with compassion and respect and ensure that the home is cleaned and restored to acceptable living conditions.