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Insurance Claim Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the insurance claims process look like?

Once you are given a claim number you should find out if you have an adjuster assigned to your claim and make sure you are covered for services and how they would like you to handle the deductible. We can also take care of this for you in-house once provided with the claim number. We will walk you through the process making it easier for you to handle other things.

Do I have to wait for the adjuster to come before you can start?

No. We are a preferred vendor for insurance companies and follow their guidelines when providing services. As the homeowner or property manager you need to make sure you maintain a safe property and take action right away. We will begin services and communicate with your adjuster regarding the work that has been completed. We will also schedule a walk through with the adjuster and discuss next steps.

What paperwork will I need?

When we arrive we will have a few documents for you to sign authorizing us to begin services. These documents will be uploaded into a system that is viewed by your insurance adjuster. We also upload an itemized estimate, sketches, and pictures and make important notes regarding the services provided and next steps.

How is payment handled?

Once the work has been completed and the adjuster has looked at all documentation submitted they will issue payment directly to us. There will be times when they include the insured on the check as well, if that happens you will need to sign the check and send it to us. Depending on the size of your claim, your insurance can also include your mortgage company. We will help expedite the process when a mortgage is involved. Lastly, you will have a deductible, the adjuster will let you know if you should pay it to ServiceMaster by Singer or apply it to the reconstruction.

What about reconstruction?

We can assist with the reconstruction of your property as well. We will provide your adjuster with a reconstruction scope. Once the scope is approved by the adjuster we will collect a deposit for material up front and collect the remaining balance upon completion.

How long will it take for my home to be back to normal?

This can depend on how extensive the damage is and if you contact us or call1-855-574-6437 right away. Normally the mitigation/cleaning process is incomplete in 1-2 days with drying equipment running for 3-5 days. Reconstruction will depend on agreement of scope which normally happens right away, however if floors, carpeting, cabinets and countertops need to be replaced, time will be based on availability of these items.

Do I have to stay home during this process?

Depending on the extent of the damage will determine if you need to stay somewhere else during mitigation and reconstruction. Make sure you have coverage for living expenses on your insurance policy in case of an emergency.

Should I get renters insurance?

YES! If the property you are renting experiences water or fire damage and your contents experience damage, the landlord is not responsible for your belongings. Renters insurance will cover your contents, storage, and cover living expenses, just make sure you have the right coverage. We can clean your content, pack and move your content as well, these services are covered under your insurance.

Should I be worried about mold?

You should be concerned about mold if you wait too long to get water damage mitigated. Mold starts to develop in the first 48 hours so it is important to take action right away.

What happens if I wait too long to start repairs?

If you wait too long to start repairs it would be considered neglect on your part and your insurance can deny your claim. If you develop mold it can be a serious health issue and insurance will not cover damage due to mold.