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Disaster Restoration Services for East Montgomery County, TX

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning

Serving the East Montgomery County, TX Area since 1992

Why Choose Us graphicNatural disasters happen at any time of the day or night, and there’s no way to predict how much damage they will cause. The damage might be minor or widespread but without prompt remediation, the cleanup process will be more extensive, longer, and more expensive. No matter how much or how little damage you receive, it’s important to call for disaster remediation as soon as possible. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning has provided comprehensive disaster restoration services to residential and commercial clients in East Montgomery County, TX for 25 years. All of our technicians have been trained and certified by the IICRC to provide high-quality restoration services that meet the stringent standards of the ServiceMaster Restore Quality Restoration Vendor Program (SQV).

The top of the line equipment and techniques we use at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning guarantee that the disaster restoration services we provide to residential and commercial clients in East Montgomery County, TX are the best. We restore disasters of all sizes, and we’re proud to support the local community during times of crisis by providing large-scale disaster support. We have the tools, training, and manpower to deliver extensive restoration when necessary, and we’re happy to do it. This commitment to excellent customer service and unmatched results has earned us the Better Business Bureau’s Award of Excellence 3 times, and Angie’s List’s Super Service Award.

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ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning’s Disaster Restoration services for East Montgomery County, TX include:

Water damage restoration. No matter if it comes from an overflowing tub, broken pipe, or flash flooding, excess water in your home is trouble. Absorbent building materials like drywall and wood soak up excess water and help it spread throughout the building. As it spreads, the materials warp, buckle and discolor. Even worse, mold growth begins within 48 hours. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning locates and addresses the source of the water, repairs any structural damage, and restores damaged content.

Fire damage restoration. Fires are the most dangerous disaster because they pose an immediate threat to physical safety. That’s why the most important thing to do at the first sign of a fire is evacuate the area and call 911 from a nearby location. The threat of damage isn’t over once the flames are extinguished; soot and toxins etch surfaces and water from extinguishing the fire soaks into content. Make sure you call the highly trained experts at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning as soon as possible. We’ll stop the damage, stabilize the structure if necessary, and restore the building and its contents.

Mold remediation. Mold growth should always be taken seriously because what you can see may only be a small indication of what’s growing. It can easily get into hidden areas, like inside walls, and spread without anyone knowing. Mold not only destroys building elements and furnishings, but it aggravates eyes and lungs and makes allergies worse. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is licensed by the State of Texas to provide comprehensive mold remediation to eradicate all traces of mold in homes and businesses. Our testing equipment finds all traces of it, even in hidden places, and we thoroughly remove it so it won’t grow back.

Smoke and odor mitigation. Bad smells in your home can come from so many sources. Smoke from a fire, pets, sewage backups all leave their marks in undesirable ways. Air fresheners and candles can only do so much for so long, because these odors have been absorbed deep down into carpets, textiles, and furniture. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning can remove even the worst odors from your home or business and save your investment in carpeting and furniture. We use the most advanced equipment and products available to the industry to remove bad smells and leave your home or business smelling fresh.

No matter how your home or business has experienced disaster damage in East Montgomery County, TX, contact the highly trained professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (281) 503-5189 for emergency disaster restoration services.

We service the following cities:
– New Caney TX
– Porter TX
– Splendora TX